Bible Study Questions with Answers

Bible Study One
Genesis Chapter 1

1. Who created the heavens and the earth?  God.

2.  What was created on: a. the first day? b. the second day? c. the third day? d. the fourth day? e. the fifth
day? f. the sixth day? g. the seventh day?
a. Light. God divided the light from the darkness refers to either
the separation of good and evil or it is literally a reference to day and night as is stated in verse 5. If the
latter is the meaning then this is when days and nights were separated but there was no reference to
actually time of the day, month, or year. This would come later when God creates the sun, the moon, and
the stars (vs. 14). b. Firmament (sky) c. Dry land (earth) d. Stars, sun, and moon. e. All the sea animals and
flying creatures. f. God created all living creatures, wild animals, and human beings.  g. Nothing (God
rested on the seventh day).

3.  The Garden of Eden

4. Judges