I Recommend Jesus
Mary J. Bryant
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     In I Recommend Jesus, Mary Bryant has written a spirit-filled
recounting of her journey to understand the true concepts of
salvation and has given the world an account of the Holy Trinity to
grab a hold of and never to let loose. To let loose would mean
sure detriment while remaining adhered to the words of this
testament assures the abundance in life that Christ has promised.
It invites and welcomes the lost to Christ and salvation as it
reminds the new converts to continuously to seek the face of God,
and stirs up the truth in those of us who profess to know Jesus,
the universal church of Christ, which desire to show the world
Christ through our living. This book is a valuable read for everyone.
The anointing on Mary is within these pages.

Rev. Dr. Mary O. Stover
Director of Humanities/Alumni affairs of
Central Christian University of South Carolina