I really enjoyed reading this book. It was inspirational and truly fed my soul. This
book not only exemplifies what it means to praise and worship but also
endurance and faithfulness. Thank you Mary J. Bryant, you are truly anointed
Zowie Ervin

I have read Mary's book and I thought it was wonderful.  It brought so much joy to
me.  Every word, every phrase, every poem spoke to my heart.  Mary is one of my
dearest friends.  We have shared a lot of private moments and Mary always knew
just what to say to me and for the uplifting of our Lord and Savior.  I was going
through a serious surgery in 2010.  Mary would visit me and talk to me and share
my burdens; all the while praising our Savior.  I lost my husband in 2013 and
guess who was there for me. Mary, knowing just what to say to bring joy to my
heart.  Mary's book was such and inspiration to me.. Even now when I am feeling
low or sad; having troubles; I can pick up Mary's book and one of her poems,
prayers, or precious moments will make me realize that all is ok because we
serve a risen Savior who is always there. Thank you Mary.

Best Friends Forever or as the young folk say BFF

Vickie Johnson

When reading Prayers, Poems and Precious Moments, I could  feel the
communion and love Sister Bryant has for our Heavenly Father.  By the time I got
to the end of the book, I was thinking; is my relationship with God as strong? This
book has inspired me to do more personal growth of my own. Sister Bryant's
thirst to be closer to God is contagious!

Robin Dease

Good morning, Mary as I set and read Prayers, Poems & Precious Moments, all I
can say is that this is a book of empowerment.  What I have read has blessed my
spirit with a fresh anointing and given me the strength to hold to my faith. Know
that the God we serve is able to keep us from falling.  I love you much.  And know
that the words that are written will go into the world so that people can be
empowered in Jesus name.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Rev. Helen Cofield

OMG! The book is really blessing my soul…To God be the Glory! It is going to take
the readers in a place we won’t want to come out. What a blessing your PP and
PM will bring to all who Will read it. Love you.

Prophet Shirley Ford

This is a book that you read in doses. I started with page 50 - 52 and read that
section "Confession to the Lord" So far it is great and now I will meditate on that
and tomorrow I will find a new section and It will keep me busy for a while.

Mr. John W. Johnson

As you read Prayer, Poems & Precious Moments you will experience Sister
Bryant’s journey as she continues to cultivate her relationship with God.  
Personally enriching is her willingness to share her most intimate thoughts,
forebodings, and joys with God.  About the midpoint of your reading, you, as did I,
will exclaim “This dear sister has the relationship with God that I desire! She
trusts God!” It was at this point that I closed the book and took a few moments to
engage in contemplation.  The familiar words of Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my
shepherd, I shall not want,” rolled around in my mind.

Elder Gerald Seals

Just had to let you know that I have finished reading your book. I couldn't put it
down. It was very inspirational. We already knew how much you love the LORD
but now everybody that reads your book will know. TO GOD BE THE GLORY for
carrying you through low valleys and high mountains. He has enabled you to
stand firm on His Word. For a moment I thought I had written  the book. LOL. Love
you. Continue the good work in the Lord. There is greater works coming your way.

Rev. Lessie W. Loadholt

unt Mary I was reading my grandma's copy of your book and I fell in love with it
and didn't want to stop reading it.

Shakia Wesley
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