First Nazareth Baptist Church
2351 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29204

Dr. Blakely N. Scott, Pastor
Rehoboth Restoration Ministry
5810 Koon Road
Columbia, SC

Apostle Louise W. Rouse, Pastor
Richard Rouse, Overseer
Living Word Church and Fellowship
9558 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC

Elder Gerald Seals, Pastor
"Upholding the tradition...Good things come out of Nazareth" (ref. John 1:46)
"Where Jesus Christ is Lord and Everyone is Welcome."
"Where Jesus Christ is Lord and You Matter."
Growing Deeper in
the Word
running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on
the edge of his garments. It is like the dew of Hermon, descending
upon the mountains of Zion; for these the LORD commanded the
blessing - Life forevermore.
Psalm 133
Dove Ministry 378
Established by the LORD; Empowered by the Holy Spirit